DRUID19 back-to-back with the AIB 2019 Annual Meeting

AIB 2019 Copenhagen

DRUID19 will be held at Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, June 19-21. See the Early Announcement for the conference.

DRUID19 will be back-to-back with the AIB 2019 Annual Meeting at Copenhagen Business School, June 24-27. For more information on the AIB 2019 Annual Meeting, see https://aib.msu.edu/events/2019/

AIB 2019 organizes a “Global Innovation and Knowledge Management” track of particular interest for DRUIDs.

Global innovation and knowledge management

Track Chair:
Felipe Monteiro, INSEAD, France ( felipe.monteiro@insead.edu )
Michael Mol, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark ( mmo.smg@cbs.dk )

The creation, transfer and outcomes of knowledge are central to our theories of the MNE. This track deals with the technological and organizational generation, transfer and outcomes of new knowledge. It examines the internal and external aspects of innovation activities, with the internal aspects being focused on knowledge generation and transfer within the MNE, and the external being focused on contractual and equity-based collaborations with international partners. It also examines the changing geography of innovation, the access of the multinational firm to location bound sources of innovation, and the influence of national and regional innovation systems.

Keywords: Networks for innovation; Global and local knowledge; Technology management; Technology scouting; Knowledge search; Knowledge creation and diffusion; Knowledge sharing; Organizational learning; Exploration vs. exploitation; Product innovation; Process innovation; Business model innovation; Management innovation; Open innovation; Knowledge governance mechanisms; R&D subsidiaries; National and regional innovation systems; Reverse innovation; Indigenous innovation; Centers of excellence; Innovation clusters; R&D offshoring; Licensing; Learning alliances; University-MNE relationships; Intra-firm inventor mobility; Dispersed Innovation

Submission deadline for AIB 2019: November 28, 2018, here: