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Jeanette Hvarregaard

DRUID Secretary


DRUID is associated with the journal Industry and Innovation, published by Routledge. Industry and Innovation is an international refereed journal presenting high-quality original scholarship of the dynamics of industries and innovation. Interdisciplinary in nature, Industry and Innovation is informed by, and contributes in turn to, advancing the theoretical frontier within economics, management, sociology, and economic geography. Currently in its 22nd year and with 8 annual issues, Industry and Innovation's 2014 5-year impact factor in Thomson Reuters' Social Science Citation Index was 1.094.

What is DRUID?

What is DRUID

What is DRUID?


The DRUID Winter Conference 1999

Holte, January 7-9, 1999


Programme of the DRUID Winter seminar, January 7-9, 1999


Thursday the 7th

Gathering at Kastrup Airport Domestic not later than 14.30. A bus (named "Lyngby Turistfart") will be waiting to take us to Holte


15.30 Arrival at: Scanticon Comwell, Kongevejen 195, 2840  Holte




16.00 – 18.30 Session 1: The regional and international dimension

Chairperson: Nicolai Juul Foss


1. Andersen, Poul Houman
Alice Lam/Jesper L. Christensen


Local external influences on SME export marketing activity: An empirical analysis


2. Andersen, Maj Munch
Commentators: Ken Green/Michael Iversen


Market institutions and interorganisational learning (forthcoming)


3. Juliana Hsuan
Ned Lorenz/Kirsten Foss


Modularization in black-boks design: Implications for Supplier-buyer relationships (forthcoming)


4. Filippi, Maryline
Alice Lam/Peter Maskell


Proximimy and coordination (forthcoming)


19.00 Dinner


20.30 – 21.30 Session 2: Guest Speaker

Chairperson: Bo Carlsson


5. Ken Green


Firm Strategies, Innovation and Sustainable growth



Friday the 8th

9.00- 12.30 Session 3: From micro to macro

Chairperson: Esben Sloth Andersen


11.00 – 11.15 Coffee


6. Drejer, Ina
Bo Carlsson/Bent Dalum


The Role of Technological Linkages in a Leontief Scheme – From static Structures to Endogenous Evolution of Technical Coefficients


7. Bengt-Ĺke Lundvall and Peter Nielsen
Ned Lorenz/Maj M. Andersen


Competition, transformation and polarisation in the learning economy — illustrated by the Danish case


8. Laursen, Keld
Bo Carlsson/Dieter Ernst


Do export and technological specialisation patterns co-evolve in terms of convergence or divergence?: Evidence from 19 OECD Countries, 1971-1991


9. Kristensen, Frank Skov
Ken Green/Henrik Sornn-Friese


Towards a taxonomy of learning regimes: An empirical analysis of the Danish economy


13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 16.00 A walk in the wood

15.45 – 16.00 Coffee


16.00 – 18.30 Session 4: Firm strategies

Chairperson: Jens Frřslev Christensen


10. Foss, Kirsten
G.B. Richardson/Esben Sloth Andersen


Modular Product Design: Creating "Technologically Separable Interfaces"


11. Mahnke, Volker
Eric Brosseau/Poul Rind Christensen


The Economies of Knowledge-Sharing: Production- and Organization Cost Considerations


12. Andersen, Poul Houman & Kristensen, Frank Skov
Ned Lorenz/Ina Drejer

How marketing relationships affect Marketing Organization: Evidence from Denmark

13. Sornn-Friese, Henrik
Alice Lam/Frank S. Kristensen


Mutualism, Economic Relationships, and and Business Strategy


19.00 Dinner



Saturday the 9th

9.00 – 12.30 Session 5: Markets and knowledge Sharing

Chairperson: Bent Dalum


11.00 – 11.15 Coffee


14. Foss, Nicolai Juul & Sautet, Frédéric
Eric Brosseau/ Keld Laursen


The Organization of Large, Complex Firms: an Austrian View

15. Iversen, Mikael
G.B. Richardson/Nicolai J. Foss


Competive Advantage through Intrafirm Synergies


16. Lojacono, Gabriella
Bo Carlson/Kristian Philipsen


Re-Configurations and Co-Productive Strategies – Overcoming bottlenecks for knowledge sharing



13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 Departure for Copenhagen


Invited guests:

Confirmed: Bo Carlsson, Alice Lam, Edward Lorenz, Ken Green, G.B. Richardson and Eric Brousseau.


Format of session may be influenced by chairpersons but standard could be:

Author 10 minutes

Guest commentator 10 minutes

Druid commentator 5 minutes

General debate 5-15 minutes