Mount Kenya, January 2003 [Keld Laursen's Homepage]

Jesper Batian/Nelion/Point John on MtK
(38) Jesper absailing down the last part of "de Graaf's Variation". Jan 21st. [photo: Keld Laursen]. (39) A last view of Nelion and Batian from Teleki Valley. January 22nd. 2003 [photo: Keld Laursen].
(36) Jesper on the descent to the Gate of the Mist from Batian [photo: Keld Laursen]. (37) Jesper ascending the 70 degrees steep ice-field up Nelion from "the Gate of the Mist" [photo: Keld Laursen].
(34) Jesper on the summit in front of a breathtaking view [photo: Keld Laursen]. (35) How many photos can we shoot in ten minutes? [photo: Keld Laursen]
(32) Keld on the summit of Batian -- Nelion in the background [photo: Jesper Kofoed]. (33) Jesper posing [photo: Keld Laursen].
(30) The first summit photo: at 12.53pm, January 21st., Keld Laursen and Jesper Kofoed (finally!) reached the summit of Batian on Mt. Kenya (5199) [photo: Jesper Kofoed]. (31) Hermann Buhl? No, Keld Laursen on the summit without sunglasses ;-) [photo: Jesper Kofoed].
(28) "Gate of the Mist" -- the "gate" between Nelion and Batian [photo: Keld Laursen]. (29) Jesper leading the first pitch up Batian [photo: Keld Laursen].
(26) Keld and an English couple from Newcastle, UK, in the front of Howell Hut. The hut "comfortably" hosts 4 persons. In 1970 Ian Howell made 13 (!!) solo ascents of the Normal Route in order to construct the hut [photo: Jesper Kofoed]. (27) Howell Hut and a different view [photo: Keld Laursen].
(24) We have arrived at the summit of Nelion (5188 meters): Jesper is shooting pictures down over the Lewis Glacier and Austrian Hut -- while standing in front of Howell Hut [photo: Keld Laursen]. (25) The project of tomorrow, Batian (5199) seen from Nelion. Quite close (140 meters in a direct line), but still far away! January 20th. [photo: Keld Laursen].
(22) Jesper at an anchor point on one of the upper sections, which consists of a series of ledges filled with loose rock [photo: Keld Laursen]. (23) Keld below "the Little Chimney" [photo: Jesper Kofoed].
(20) Ballies Bivy just below MacKinders Gendarme. Marks that you are half way up the normal route to Nelion [photo: Keld Laursen]. (21) Jesper on his way up to the foot of "de Graaf's Variation". The south-east ridge can be seen below [photo: Keld Laursen].
(18) Jesper finishes the pitch encompassing "the Rabbit Hole" [photo: Keld Laursen]. (19) Jesper on his way up to Baillies Bivy (in around 5000 meters altitude) [photo: Keld Laursen].
(16) Keld and Jesper before the start of the climb. Carsten has fallen sick, but is still able to shoot the standard "departure picture". January 20th. [photo: Carsten Engedal]. (17) Later, Carsten is making an attempt to recover in the Mountain Club of Kenya Hut [photo: Carsten's timer].
(14) The Normal Route up to Nelion can be found on this wall. 19th. January [photo: Carsten Engedal]. (15) Carsten in Austrian Hut [photo: Jesper Kofoed].
(12) Carsten and Jesper discussing the route during the first ascent to Austrian Hut in 4800 meters. January 18th. [photo: Keld Laursen]. (13) Austrian Hut during our stay there (second visit). 19th. January [photo: Keld Laursen].
(10) Priming the MSR is always good fun... [photo: Carsten Engedal]. (11) Mount Kenya in moonlight [photo: Jesper Kofoed].
(8) The mountain with the so-called Rescue Station in the forefront [photo: Carsten Engedal]. (9) Jesper has just fixed the door... [photo: Carsten Engedal].
(6) Keld and Jesper at the Mountain Club of Kenya Hut (4200 meters). Mount Kenya's twin peaks, Batian and Nelion in the background -- and to the right of them, Point John [photo: Carsten Engedal]. (7) Jesper and Keld studying the mountain from outside the Mountain Club of Kenya Hut [photo: Carsten Engedal].
(4) Carsten and Jesper trekking through the moorlands of the Naru Moru Route [photo: Keld Laursen]. (5) Finally, Mount Kenya with the twin-peaks, Batian and Nelion. Keld and Jesper in Teleki Valley [photo: Carsten Engedal].
(2) The team after having spent one night at the Met. Station (3050 meters), ready to trek up to the Mountain Club of Kenya Hut in 4200 meters. From the left, Carsten Engedal, Jesper Kofoed and Keld Laursen -- all looking very enthusiastic! January 17th. [photo: Jesper's timer]. (3) Jesper and Carsten trekking up through the forest part of the Naru Moru Route. [photo: Keld Laursen].
(1) Carsten and Jesper in front of the Naro Moru Gate of the Mt. Kenya National Park. January 16th. 2003 [photo: Keld Laursen].

Keld Laursen,
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