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Batian and Nelion on Mount Kenya At the summit of Batian, Mount Kenya
Jesper Kofoed and me at the Mountain Club of Kenya Hut (4200 meters). Mount Kenya's twin peaks, Batian and Nelion in the background -- and to the right of them, Point John. January 2003.

Me standing on the summit of Batian (5199m), Mount Kenya, January 21st. 2003
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Aig. du Chardonnay At the summit of Chardonnay
Aiguille du Chardonnay, September, 2002

Me standing on the summmit of Aiguille du Chardonnay, September, 2002
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It's getting steeper Soon, it's done
Getting prepared to climb the steeper part of "Kapilær" on Carstens Rende, Kullen, Sweden, July, 2002.

Climbing the crux of "Kapilær".
Giving my PhD lecture My PhD Evaluation Commitee
Giving my PhD lecture on November 6th, 1998. My PhD Evaluation Commitee and my supervisor. Apparently the chairman of the Commitee, Bengt-Åke Lundvall found it necessary to lecture the student in a rather peculiar way! From the left Bengt-Åke Lundvall (Chairman), Keith Pavitt (Member of the Commitee), me, Bent Dalum (supervisor), and Jan Fagerberg (Member of the Commitee).
Mont Pelvoux Me on Mont Vignemale
Pointing to Mont Pelvoux from Glacier Blanche. Ready to climb Mont Vignemale.
On the top of Mont Pelvoux Decending from the top of Mont Pelvoux
The view from Pointe Poisseux, the top of Mont Pelvoux. July 1998. Norbert and Carsten getting ready to overcome difficulties, while decending Mont Pelvoux.
A famous cyclist A not so famous cyclist
Jan Ullrich climbing Col de Tourmalet. A snapshot of me shot during Aarhus-Copenhagen (359km). June, 1998.
Eating before climbing On the top of Jebel Rum
Carsten Engedal and me in the "Great Sig", getting ready to climb Jebel Rum. Smoking a cigar on the top of Jebel Rum, Jordan (standing on the Jordanian flag). March, 1998.
Obviously diving The winner of the 

1998 Spring Fantasy Cycling competition
Diving in the Acaba Bay, off Dahab (Sinai, Egypt). February, 1998. Celebration of the winner of the 1998 Spring Fantasy Cycling competition. May, 1998.
Danish Road Champion Frank Høj and Carsten Engedal Water guns (Super Soaker XP150's)
Danish Road Champion Frank Høj and Carsten Engedal. Shot in Randers in connection with the criterium held there. July 1998. Dorte Køster, Lars Anderson, me, Ina Drejer, and Martin Kasper Petersen ready for war, utilising our water guns (apparently of different size!).
Celebration of Fibs Chaisung Lim and me in Seoul
Søltoft and me acting "Tour de France babes" in order to celebrate the victory of Michael Fibiger in our Fantacy Tour de France game. October 1997. Chaisung Lim and me in a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. October 1997.
Pompeij My on my bike
Me in Pompeij. Vesuvio in the background. November 1997. Me on my bike in Silkeborg, after finishing a ride. Summer of 1997.

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