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Philip and Keld Philip
(16) Philip and Keld on the summit of Aiguille du Chardonnay, 14th September 2002 (17) Philip is absailing down to the shoulder on the right (Southern) side of the Chardonnay
Carsten and Keld Carsten and Keld
(14) Carsten and Keld on the summit (15)
Keld Philip and Keld
(12) Keld on the summit (13) Philip and Keld on the summit
Carsten/ArÍte Forbes Carsten
(10) Carsten on ArÍte Forbes, the most difficult part has been overcome (11) Carsten on the summit
Carsten/ArÍte Forbes on Aig. du Chardonnay Carsten/ArÍte Forbes
(8) Carsten on ArÍte Forbes, in the very early hours of the day (Saturday September 14th., 2002) (9) Carsten on ArÍte Forbes, just before the "crux" of the route
Carsten and Keld Aig. du Chardonnay
(6) Two disappointed climbers in FenÍtre du Tour (7) The second "go" at Aiguille du Chardonnay, 13th. September 2002
whiteout in FenÍtre du Tour
(4)Philip in the tent after a sudden change of the weather, Tuesday September 10th. 2002 (5) Keld in FenÍtre du Tour on the day of the failed attempt on Chardonnay (Aiguille du Argentiere in the background), Wednesday 11th. September 2002
ArÍte Cosmique Chardonnay
(2) We are getting ready climb ArÍte Cosmique on Aiguille du Medi, Sunday September 8th. 2002 (3) First sight of Chardonnay (Glacier du Tour in the forefront), Tuesday September 10th. 2002
Having a meal
(1) We are eating dinner, after arrival in Chamonix, Saturday September 7th. 2002

Keld Laursen,
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