DRUID Conferences 1995-2017

DRUID17 New York Conference 2017  
DRUID16 20th Anniversary Conference [Papers] [Program] [Awards]
DRUID-Asia Conference 2016 [Papers]
DRUID15 Conference Rome on the Relevance of Innovation [Papers] [Program] [Awards] [Streaming Video]
The DRUID Society Conference 2014 on Entrepreneurship – Organization – Innovation [Papers] [Awards] [Photographs] [Streaming Video] [Program]
The 35th DRUID Celebration Conference 2013 in Barcelona [Papers] [Awards] [Program]  [Photographs] [Streaming Video]
The DRUID Society Conference 2012 on Innovation and Competitiveness – Dynamics of organizations, industries, systems and regions [Papers] [Awards] [Program] [Photographs] [Streaming Video]
The DRUID Society Conference 2011 [Papers] [Award][Photographs][Streaming Video]
The DRUID Summer Conference 2010 on Opening Up Innovation: Strategy, Organization and Technology [Papers] [Awards] [Photographs] [Streaming Video]
The DRUID Summer Conference 2009 on Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge [Papers] [Awards][Photographs] [Streaming Video]
The 25th DRUID Celebration Conference 2008 on Entrepreneurship and Innovation  [papers] [Awards] [photographs] [Streaming Video]
DRUID Summer Conference 2007 on Appropriability, Proximity, Routines and Innovation [Papers] [Best papers] [Photographs] [Streaming video]
DRUID Summer Conference 2006 on Knowledge, Innovation and Competitiveness: Dynamics of Firms, Networks, Regions and Institutions [Papers] [Best papers] [Photographs] [Streaming video]
The DRUID Tenth Anniversary Summer Conference 2005 on Dynamics of Industry and Innovation: Organizations, Networks and Systems [papers] [Program] [best papers] [photographs] [streaming video]
The DRUID Summer Conference 2004 on Industrial Dynamics, Innovation and Development [Papers] [Photographs]
The DRUID Summer Conference 2003 on Creating, Sharing and Transferring Knowledge: The Role of Geography [Papers] [Photographs]
The DRUID Summer Conference 2002 on Industrial Dynamics of the New and Old Economy – who is embracing whom? [Papers] [Photographs]
The DRUID Nelson and Winter Conference 2001 [Papers] [Photographs]
The DRUID Summer Conference 2000 on The Learning Economy: Firms, Regions And Nation Specific Institutions [Papers] [Photographs]
The DRUID Summer Conference 1999 on National Innovation Systems, Industrial Dynamics and Innovation Policy [Papers]
The DRUID Summer Conference 1998: Competence, Governance, and Entrepreneurship [Papers] [Photographs]
The DRUID Summer Conference 1997 [Photographs]
The DRUID Summer Conference 1996  on the Nature of Knowledge [Papers][Programme][Photographs]
The DRUID Start-up Workshop 1995 [Papers]