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Jeanette Hvarregaard

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DRUID is associated with the journal Industry and Innovation, published by Routledge. Industry and Innovation is an international refereed journal presenting high-quality original scholarship of the dynamics of industries and innovation. Interdisciplinary in nature, Industry and Innovation is informed by, and contributes in turn to, advancing the theoretical frontier within economics, management, sociology, and economic geography. Currently in its 22nd year and with 8 annual issues, Industry and Innovation's 2014 5-year impact factor in Thomson Reuters' Social Science Citation Index was 1.094.

What is DRUID?

What is DRUID

What is DRUID?

DRUID Seminar
Begin Date
Nov 16 - 2007
Begin Time
End Time
Entrepreneurship and Occupational Stress by Michael S. Dahl
See further information here.
Location: Copenhagen Business School
Kilen, Kilevej 14a, 2000 Frederiksberg