List of participants and papers for

DRUID Academy Winter 2002 PhD Conference
Hotel Comwell Rebild Bakker
Aalborg, Denmark
January 17-19


This site will gradually be updated to include the participansts and most of the papers for the DRUID Winter 2002 PhD Conference, January 2002. The papers are formatted as PDF files. To print or read the files, you need a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader, which is available free from Adobe's download site

Last update: January 13, 2002


Al-Kanaani, Khalil
(PhD Student)
DRUID/IKE - Aalborg University The Integration Attempts in the Fourth World - The Case of Arab World
Andersen, Esben Sloth DRUID/IKE - Aalborg University  
Andersson, Martin
(PhD Student)
Jönköping International Business School University versus Firm Knowledge Spillovers - a Comparison of Productivity Effects in Swedish Regions
Avermaete, Tessa
(PhD Student)
University of Ghent Systems of innovation: The case of small food firms in the EU
Brandt Pedersen, Morten
(PhD Student)
DRUID - Copenhagen Business School Merging research and technological problem-solving - organisational and cognitive dimensions
Caldas, Alex
(PhD Student)
University of Sussex On the webmetrics of Newsgroups and the formation of "electronic Invisible Colleges" The dynamics of the speech scientific and technical community

Castellacci, Fulvio
(PhD Student)

University of Oslo Technology-gap and cumulative growth: models, results and performances
Christensen, Jens Frøslev DRUID - Copenhagen Business School  
Christensen, Jesper Lindgaard IKE/DRUID - Aalborg University  

Cole, Alexander
(PhD Student)

University of California Localism, Identity and Entrepreneurship in an Industrial District: The Development of the Centese in Emilia-Romagna
Dahl, Michael
(PhD Student)
IKE/DRUID - Aalborg University Informal Netvorks in a Dynamic Regional Cluster
Dahlgren, Henrik
(PhD Student)
DRUID - Copenhagen Business School Industrial Network Dynamics and the Role of Sunk Costs
Dalum, Bent IKE/DRUID - Aalborg University  
Ejermo, Olof
(PhD Student)
Jönköping International Business School University versus Firm Knowledge Spillovers - a Comparison of Productivity Effects in Swedish Regions

Frederiksen, Lars
(PhD Student)

DRUID - Copenhagen Business School Decomposing the Music Industry
Gilsing, Victor
(PhD Student)
Erasmus University Co-evolution of exploration & Exploitation in a Sectoral System of Innovaion
Guichard, Renelle
(PhD Student)
Paris Dauphine University New modalities of co-ordination between military and civilian research and development: Elements of analysis under an economic and management science angle
Harison, Elad
(PhD Student)
Maastricht University Revealing Obscure Sources: The
Paradoxical Evolution of Software Appropriation Regimes

Heine, Klaus
(PhD Student)
Philipps-University Marburg Industry evolution and the strategic role of complementarities in the theory of the firm
Holgaard, Jette
(PhD Student)
Aalborg University How Understanding Colour the Means and Ends in the Case of Environmental Innovations

Hovhannisian, Karen
(PhD Student)

Universita degli Studi de Siena Exploring on the Techological Landscapes: Real Options Thinking in the Context of the Complexity Theory
Husman, Tina Brandt
(PhD Student)
DRUID - Copenhagen Business School The Existence, Boundaries and Internal Organisation of Project Organisations
Högselius, Per
(PhD Student)
Linköping University Telecommunications in Estonia: The Making of a Sectoral Innovation System
Jacobsson, Staffan Chalmers University of Technology The Emergence of a Growth Industry: A Comparative Analysis of the German, Dutch and Swedish Wind Turbine Industries
Jacoby, Nadia
(PhD Student)
University Paris 1 Internal Selection Processes and their Influence on the Performances of the Firm: A Simulation Model

Jeppesen, Lars Bo
(PhD Student)

DRUID - Copenhagen Business School New approaches to product development Reducing cost of innovation by new means
Khachatrian, Arman
(PhD Student)
University of Siena The Firm As A Learning and Evolving Order
Klepper, Steven Carnegie Mellon University The Evolution of the U.S. Automobile Industry and Detroit as its Capital
Køster, Dorte
IKE/DRUID - Aalborg University  
Laursen, Keld DRUID - Copenhagen Business School  
Leask, Graham
(PhD Student)
Aston University Evolutionary Change within the UK Pharmaceutical Industry: A Cladist Approach.
Lissoni, Francesco University of Bocconi Networks of inventors and the location of university research: an
exploration of Italian data
Loasby, Brian University of Stirling  
Lorenzen, Mark DRUID - Copenhagen Business School  
Lucas, Matthew
(PhD Student)
University of toronto Creating Common Ground between the Firm and the Academy
Lundvall, Bengt-Åke IKE/DRUID - Aalborg University  
Maio, Michele Di
(PhD Student)
University degli Studi de Siena Technological Gaps, De-Industrialization and Catching-Up: Is the Chilean Case a Paradox?
Maskell, Peter DRUID - Copenhagen Business School  
Molin, Måns
(PhD Student)
DRUID - Copenhagen Business School Organisation, Learning and Performance: Moments in the History of Organisational Learning
Oliveira, Teresa
(PhD Student)

Technology Transfer in Portugal - The interaction of R&D centres with Productive sector

Orsenigo, Luigi University of Bocconi Pharmaceuticals as a Sectoral Innovation System
Otterson, Øyvind
(PhD Student)
Aalborg University The institutional evolution of a new technological regime - Conflicts, a dynamic factor for creation of variation and selection?
Ozman, Muge
(PhD Student)
MERIT - University of Maastricht The Dynamics of Network Based Industrial Systems

Pedersen, Christian Ø.R.
(PhD Student)
IKE/DRUID - University of Aalborg Informal Netvorks in a Dynamic Regional Cluster
Ranga, Liana Marina
(PhD Student)
SPRU - Univbersity of Sussex Entrepreneurial universities" and the impact of University-Industry collaboration on the research performance and the management of academic research groups
Reichstein, Toke
(PhD Student)
IKE/DRUID - Aalborg University Reconsidering Innovation in an Nelson &Winter Set-Up - Perspectives on the S-curve Theories
Rice, John University of South Australia Tensions and Dynamics in Standards Based Networks in Periods of Industry Contraction: Lessons from the Bluetooth Consortium
Rousseva, Rossitza
(PhD Student)
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Compensating and enhancing mechanisms of the innovation networks. The case of the ICT industry in Bulgaria
Sáez, Fernando Juménez
(PhD Student)
Universidad Politécnica de Vlaencia

The Evaluation on the National Food Technology Programme

Sanditov, Bulat
(PhD Student)
MERIT - University of Maastricht Mutual Illusions and Financing New Technologies: Two-Sided Informational Cascades
Sinani, Evis
(PhD Student)
Copenhagen Business School Identifying Spillovers of Technology Transfer from FDI: The case of Estonia
Sornn-Friese Henrik DRUID - Copenhagen Business School  
Stieglitz, Nils
(PhD Student)
Philipps-University Marburg Industry evolution and the strategic role of complementarities in the theory of the firm
Storgaard, Stine IKE/DRUID - Aalborg University  
Tether, Bruce University of Manchester Services and Systems of Innovation
Vang-Lauridsen, Jan Birger
(PhD Student)

DRUID - Copenhagen Business School Firm Boundaries and Temporal Specificity in the News Industry - or Steps towards a Theory of the Urgent Firm

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